Friday, April 5, 2013

Clean Pee from a Mattress

I love curse words.  Especially on days like today.

I realized in my addled, early morning state, that the Toddler of Doom had a Pull-up failure during the night.  

Next to me.  

In my bed. 


But wait!  We have one of those expensive, ultra-protective mattress pads!  Thank goodness!

Oh...what do you mean it's in the laundry?


NOOOOOOO!  Not the Stearns & Foster!

Okay, it's not easy to see from this picture (did I mention that it was EARLY?), but this is a big, yellow, stinking (literally stinking), URINE STAIN ON MY BEAUTIFUL KING-SIZED PILLOW TOP MATTRESS.  

Our mattress is less than a year old.  Something must be done.

To the internet!!

Not my finest photo work, but I'll take it.

A quick poke-about led me to this post from Inspired-Housewife.  My mattress stain was not as big as hers, so I used a half batch.  Here's the whole recipe, in case the pee stain that comes to ruin your morning turns out bigger than this:

8 ounces 3% hydrogen peroxide
3 tablespoons baking soda
a drop of liquid dish soap
a spray bottle

In the original, Inspired Housewife included a funnel (I imagine for adding the baking soda to the spray bottle).  I don't have one, so I improvised with a piece of paper and some stellar ingenuity.

Brilliant.  I know.

Give it a good shake, and get spraying!  I soaked the stain, then took a fifteen minute break to cry softly and explain to my kids that this is why we can't have nice things.



After it dried, I poured some baking soda over the spot and left it a while, then vacuumed it away (just to kill any last vestiges of pee smell).

God bless the internet.  

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