Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cleaning the Microwave

Until recently we had a really ancient microwave that was probably slowly irradiating us to death. This summer one of our chip-away-at-home-improvement projects involved saving up for a new one.

Now we have a lovely over-the-stove microwave that heats things quickly and thoroughly, without making that jet-engine noise or risking bursting into flames.

I had cleaned our previous microwave with Clorox. Since I'm trying to avoid using bleach, I've been checking the internet for a better way to clean a microwave easily.

Vinegar to the rescue!

Quite a few people on Pinterest advocate mixing water and vinegar and microwaving it. The philosophy is that the steam and vinegar fumes will soften any grime. Sources disagree as to the exact mixture so I pretty much just chucked some vinegar into a bowl and added water.

Before: (It's not easy to tell from this picture, but there was an apocalyptic soup event).

And after:

The door didn't come as clean at first:

So I hit it with some spray cleaner and a damp wash cloth any left over schmutz came right off.


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