Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spray Cleaner

My kids lick stuff. Everything goes into their mouths, or at the very least on to their hands THEN into their mouths. While using a Clorox spray cleaner on my kitchen table and fending off the toddler of doom with the other hand, I decided that there has to be a better way. TO THE INTERNET! About eleven bazillionty articles are available about making your own spray cleaner. Often these cleaners are based on a mix of white vinegar and water, with any one (or combination) of a number of other stuff thrown in. I experimented, using a very precise methodology of guesswork and luck, and discovered THIS!
I have no idea why it looks cloudy. Maybe it's just swirls of pure magical awesomeness. Who knows. Either way, it is WONDERFUL. It cleaned my jelly and syrup covered table! It cleaned the smears of pudding on the fridge! It cleaned...whatever...that was on the baseboards! It cleans glass without streaking! It even cleaned my toddler once or twice! (Don't judge me). It's not toxic at all! Here's the recipe.
You're welcome.

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