Sunday, April 29, 2012

On being "cheap"

My husband and I disagree. It's as close to a shared hobby as we have. Some couples bowl. We disagree. This time we disagree about the meaning of the meaning of "cheap". My husband is right when he says that this word has a traditionally negative connotation. However, when I refer to myself this way, I am indicating that I am proud to save a buck, and feel pretty clever and self-congratulatory when I do so. I'm not skimping on quality, nor am I going to go insane driving all over town in an attempt to save fifty more sense on a bottle of cough syrup. I am not going to put my desire to do things 'on the cheap' above the needs of my family. I just don't like spending wastefully. As we got into this discussion, he mentioned that I probably mean something more akin to "frugal". This is true, but I have "cheap" in the blog title because EVERY POSSIBLE BLOG TITLE CONTAINING THE WORD FRUGAL WAS TAKEN. Don't believe me? Go Google.

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