Monday, April 30, 2012

Olive Oil for Frizz?

I love listening to people whine about having thin hair. I have thick hair, and it drives me nuts. My hair is not only thick, but it is FRIZZY. On humid days I have trouble fitting through doorways. How can I solve this problem? To the internet! I have read quite a few articles saying that olive oil can be used to magically tame my hyperbole of hair! Could it be true? Could it really be that simple?!
This is what I look like on a normal day. Try to ignore the monkey pajamas. Just try. Right after this picture, I put a metric ton of olive oil in my hair. (Okay, it was actually a half cup, but it felt like a lot.) I warmed it first in the microwave (for about 45 seconds), then rubbed it liberally into my hair. I was slippery, soggy, and smelled DELICIOUS. I also looked like an idiot because I used a plastic bag to cover my hair before wrapping it in a warm towel. (Why make more laundry?)
I rock this look. Anyway, I was supposed to keep it in for 30 minutes, but I was actually able to sit and watch TV without being assaulted by my kids, so I left it in for 45 minutes.After a wash, my hair felt wonderful, and the rest of me felt seriously hungry (45 minutes smelling warm olive oil? It's a triumph that I didn't start licking my hair).
Much better, right? Well, it totally stayed that way...for about two hours after drying. Then it started to puff up again. Sad. Well, at least 24 hours later it is still super shiny.
Pardon the whole no-make-up-feeling-sick look. On a related note, does anyone have any home made cold/bronchitis remedy recipes I can try?

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  1. Hot Peppermint Tea, with lemon and honey, and cayenne pepper added in. You want to add as much cayenne pepper as you can handle ( burns the back of your throat). Sounds crazy, but trust me it works. I have chronic bronchitis and this is one of the only things I can do to make me feel better.