Saturday, May 26, 2012

Let There Be Lighting Fixture

Our old kitchen table was small and sat in the middle of the kitchen. Now that I got us the bigger kitchen table, it sits over to the side along the window. The problem is that we are left with a hanging light fixture in the middle of the room that doesn't look like it belongs there.

(I am so sorry. The pic I took of the hanging lamp managed to get deleted. You're not missing much).

Husband has a superstition-like fear of working with anything electrical, so he asked an electrician to come and give an estimate on switching out the light fixture (among several other things). The electrician patiently explained that it is a simple job that he could quickly take care of, but that his company would charge us $113. Or I could do it myself.

Note, this is just the installation. I bought the light already at Lowes for $60.

Guess which one I chose. Just guess.

So I studied up. I read the instructions, watched YouTube videos, consulted knowledgeable friends, etc. It should be an easy matter of black wires to black, white to white, and ground to green.

This morning a friend watched our cubs for us, we turned off the power to the kitchen and got started. After I took down the old light I realized that the wires I had were not quite as described (I had white and red instead of the white and black I was told to expect). A quick call to my step-dad reassured me that all was okay. (By the way, my step-dad, Jeff, is awesome. In every way.)

The new light is in, the house isn't on fire, and neither husband nor I received any sort of electricity-related injuries.

Isn't it pretty? Here's another, even prettier shot of the light hovering warmly over my husband and youngest son.

My husband has declared that the hassle of working with me for the better part of an hour that it took me to figure out how to hang the darn thing is in no way worth the $113 we saved.

I think that the money we saved can be used to buy a matching ceiling fan for the living room.

No way am I paying for installation on that one, either.

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