Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Vinegar and Baking Soda for Cleaning?

I love vinegar and baking soda. I love putting them together and watching them fizz up. I do it at least once a year just for fun, but this could be because I am a science teacher and the combo makes a wonderful illustration for my lesson on acid/base interactions. Recently I was told that I could use the combo to CLEAN MY BATHROOM. Wait, a cheap and effective way to clean my bathroom, AND it's fizzy and fun to watch?! Yes, please!
I bought a 97 cent spray bottle and filled it with white vinegar, then got a box of baking soda and poked some holes in the top. I thought about finding a nifty shaker for it, but apart from being cheap, I am also prone to laziness. I took my two-dollar investment up to the bathroom sink, which at the time looked like this.
It's not a very clear picture, I know. What you should be seeing is white toothpaste and soap residue, and some yellow olive oil from the anti-frizz experiment (see previous post). Using my high-tech sprinkle-box, I shook some baking soda all over the sink, sprayed it down with the vinegar, then excitedly clapped my hands like a little girl while watching it get all fizzy. After a few minutes, I wiped it down, leaving this:
Again, another not-so-great photo, but I can assure you that the sink was much shinier and I could pretend that I had never let it get so dirty in the first place. Yay, plausible deniability! And I didn't have to wrestle the toddler out of the bathroom while I cleaned! At first the baking soda did leave a white residue, but I rinsed more carefully, and it was gone. I also later tried this on the tub (also resin, like the sink) and it cleaned very well. The only drawback was that the chrome looked really spotted after. If anyone has a trick for this, let me know and I'll test it!

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