Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Glasses Cleaning Kit

My 5-year-old son just got glasses. As it turns out he sees perfectly from one eye, but miserably from the other. The glasses are supposed to train his brain to take information from both eyes.

He was reluctant...until he discovered how handsome he looks.

Doesn't he look stunning eating his peanut butter and jelly sandwich? So grown up!

Until he got peanut butter on his glasses. So I cleaned them. Then he got jelly on them. So I cleaned them. Then he got Lord-knows-what on them. So I cleaned them. Ten times in the first hour.

This is going to be difficult.

When we were picking up and paying for these glasses, I wanted to get him a little cleaning kit - something small that he can bring with him in his kindergarten backpack.

The kits in the store were $11.00


Time to make one!
What you see here is a 2 oz fingertip spray bottle from Walmart ($0.99) filled with awesome home made spray cleaner, and a square I cut from a flannel sheet I bought at the Salvation Army. (The whole sheet was $3.00 and I'm slowly cutting it up for things).

Even if I counted the cost of the entire sheet, this cleaning kit would have cost me $4. Let's be honest. I'm not counting the cost of the whole sheet.

Right now these are packed in a sandwich bag. If I see a cute little make-up bag or pencil case that my son can decorate, I'll pack it in that instead.

Now to get him to wear the glasses for more than 3 minutes...


  1. It's odd~~I posted a comment on this earlier today, but it shows no comments. I have posted on other threads before, and those say no comments, too. Is something not working right, or do you prefer no comments?

  2. When our son got his glasses our wise eye doc, who had been my husband's doc when he got glasses in 2nd grade said, "He will wear them when he wants to see." So we left it at that and he wore them more and more as time went on without us saying a word.

    1. My son has begun asking where his glasses are as soon as he wakes up. It's actually very encouraging. If we can get his little brother to stop snatching them off his face, I'll be thrilled.