Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Secondhand Shout Out

I rarely buy "new" clothes.  I happen to really love cruising for second-hand awesomeness at thrift shops, consignment stores, Goodwill, and the Salvation Army.  The other day I went to work like this:

This picture is actually from last year, so to be accurate, add new glasses and 5 pounds. 
...alright. 10 pounds.  Stupid cookies.

So, how much did it cost?

This entire outfit came from a secondhand shop here called Clothes Mentor. Here's the breakdown:

Funky awesome dress: $8
Belt to keep dress from looking like a funky awesome nightgown: $6
NEW Etienne Aigner heels: $10

The jewelry came from the back of my drawer (I forgot I had that set), so this entire outfit cost me $24.

And I get a lot of compliments whenever I wear it.  (SingingI feel pretty!  And so thrifty!)

But wait!  There's more!

This Halloween I dressed as Dorothy (from the Wizard of Oz - not Elmo's fish).

With my kids: Super Mario and Spiderman

But what can I do for ruby slippers?

There's no place like thrift shops... There's no place like thrift shops...

These shoes came from the same store: again, only $10.  (Reprise: I feel pretty!...)

Okay, more.  I had the honor last spring of being my niece's confirmation sponsor (it's a Catholic thing, if you're not familiar).  I wore one of my favorite blouses:

It's my niece lovely?  

That blouse cost me $4.50 at Goodwill.  You can see in this picture, but it has a really pretty slanted hem and the fabric drapes very nicely.  It's professional enough for work, and comfortable enough for a movie night with my husband.

I swear this is the last one.  For now.

Yesterday, while I was cruising Goodwill in the vague hopes of finding a food processor, I came across this:


This is a Kate Spade replica (read: knock off) that I scored for $14.   It needs a minor repair on the snap, but is great otherwise.

That same Goodwill trip netted me a lovely purple striped maxi skirt (new with tags from Target), but I'm about 5 pounds away from wearing it.  Again, cookies.

Happy shopping!


  1. You are aware that Wednesday is half-price day for most colored tickets at Salvation Army?

    1. I've heard that, but it doesn't seem to apply to my local one.