Friday, July 26, 2013

Clearance Time!

I love the change of seasons!  Is it because of the new and exciting parade of nature's beauty outside my window?  Heck no!  Nature's cool and all, but I'm in this for the SALES.

Clothing stores are cleaning out their lighter gear in preparation for fall and winter styles that they can promote with ridiculous back-to-school sales.  (FYI Stores - Screaming "SCHOOL IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER!" in July makes me want to punch you.  I'm a teacher.  Don't rush my summer.  EVER.)

Wandering with Preschooler of Doom into an Old Navy today scored me some nice stuff for work!

Yeah, I like pink.  Don't judge.

What you see here are three light sweaters, two pairs of slacks, one pair of earrings, and some pretty, girly bobby pins.  Total: $42.39 (pre-tax).

Here's the breakdown:
Black sweater: $2.97 (down from $29.95)
Pink sweater: $2.97 (down from $24.95)
Brown sweater: $2.97 (down from $24.95)
Black slacks: $12.25 (down from $24.50)
Beige slacks: $16.25 (down from $32.50)
Earrings: $2.99 (down from $6.95)
Bobby pins: $1.99 (down form $6.95)

Did you catch all that?  I got $150.76 worth of stuff for $42.39.

That means I saved $108.37.  Cool, no?

Do you have a clearance rack victories?  Share them in the comments!

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