Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stop Buying Brown Sugar

Seriously. Don't buy brown sugar. If you bake enough to even need brown sugar, you likely have all of the ingredients you need to MAKE it from scratch right now.

White sugar is just brown sugar with the molasses removed.
Brown sugar is usually made in factories by just adding molasses BACK INTO WHITE SUGAR.

Is it just me, or is this really dumb?

Here's what you need to make brown sugar:

Take one cup of white sugar and mix it with a table spoon of molasses. That's it.

If you want it darker, add more molasses.
If you want it lighter, add less molasses.
If you are as lazy and time-pressed as I am, don't bother mixing it together first. Just add the cup of white sugar and table spoon of molasses into any recipe that calls for a cup of brown sugar.

It saves you money and frustration because you don't have to worry about a bag of brown sugar turning into a brick of brown sugar in the cupboard.

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